Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bill Schwab-Iron Gate Photo

This mysterious gate picture was taken by photographer; Bill Schwab.  It caught my eye and continues to intrigue me.  From our view point, are we leaving the gate or entering it? It is gently pushed towards us, perhaps to keep us out yet it is slightly open, perhaps to invite us in?  I love the ethereal light..perhaps it is the pearly gates of a celestrial palace or maybe it is only a mirage....


  1. it's opening toward the home / estate. traditionally gates open inward inorder to avoid mishaps with passersby or vehicles. too the endless horizon in the background shows a lone tree. in the foreground between gate and horizon is a small road. that Gate is AWESOME!

  2. The gate is very tall and wide also; it's arts work of the iron gate is very wonderful. Thanks a lot. Raleigh fence builders