Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The World Is Your Stage-It's All In The Curtains

The north wall of the bedroom are double windows and the door into the bedroom is on the south side so the first thing you see when you walk in, is the windows.  I found all the curtains at JC Penney.  The valances were in the clearance section and are a nice heavy jaquard material with pretty fringe tassels.  They were marked down to under $5 each.  The panels are lined which gives them a nice, heavy drape as they fall.  They were a pretty iridescent maroon with a shiny contrast to the valance.  I bought one panel off the floor model for around $10, the second I bought on sale for around $20.  At first I was unsure about mixing the textures and materials, but after I hung them up I felt the look was more authentically vintage and gave the look of being layered over time.  (see previous blog of bedding for a full length glimpse of the curtains)  With a nod to those wonderful theatre curtains of heavy red velvet that would be drawn back to expose the stage....these rich maroon curtains set the stage for the french bedroom.

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