Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It all starts with the Bed

I love this bed and it is still available from LL Bean.  It is called the Lake Cottage Bed and it has beautiful lines. It appears our color is no longer available which is a shame as this pretty dark bronze fits in nicely with the rooms time period and decorations. I also like that this bed has a versatile enough look that it can be moved from French/Italian, to Cottage, to Shabby Chic to Country.  As we all know, a bed frame can be a large investment, why not buy a bed that will easily be able to be moved from one decorating scheme to another thru the years? I wrestled with whether to purchase an antique bed frame or a new one,, but practicality won out.  After all, this is a guest bedroom, and I wanted guests to be comfortable...a new bed takes in consideration the stability and craftsmanship of current technology as well as the ability to purchase regular mattress's without worrying about slats and sizing. 

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