Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transforming a Guest Bedroom to a Burlesque Inspired French Italian Boudoir

We started picking out accessories for our Guest Bedroom before we even purchased our current home.  Our current home was new construction and while it lacked the charm & character of older homes, it did provide the security of warranty's.  New roof, new pipes, new flooring...............Originally when I picked out a bedspread I picked out a dark maroon.  After receiving the bedroom comforter in the mail, my significant other (referred to from here on as s/o) felt it was too dark and the room should be more cheery. 

We returned the maroon bedspread and purchased a beautiful silk duvet cover from Pottery Barn in a pink,cream, soft yellow thin stripe.  I loved pink and had no objection, actually overjoyed that pink would be represented in our home! Once we moved in our house and was ready to decorate the guest room, we started making small purchases.  Many of the pieces we bought I had been drawn too and after awhile I realized a re-occurring theme...they were french in inspiration, with gently curved legs and french hardware.  I painted them all flat black to ground the light pink duvet and add sophistication.  After awhile, the room was almost done and it looked very pretty, it looked, well...like something right out of Pottery Barn.  Don't get me wrong, I love Pottery Barn...but I was never completely happy with the room, always feeling like it was incomplete. 

Around this time I convinced my s/o to let me have full creative reign and I started changing the room.  And then the movie "Burlesque" was released.  I loved the movie.  I loved the set decorations, I loved the music, I soaked up every part of it. 

After reading "The Paris Apartment" (see previous blog) I finally was able to let my creative side free.  I found that a lot of what held me back from decorating how I wanted was the fear of what others would think.  Was it too risque? Too racy? Too .... different?  Yet when I threw those fears out the window and listened to my true self...I found a solace and comfort in my self expression that has allowed me not only the ability to have a room reflected in my own tastes....but an art form which has taken on an expression of it's own.

I have always been one that wanted to finish what I started, the sooner the better, as if finishing the race would bring the sense of accomplishment.  But now that I've started the guest bedroom over, I have found that there is more enjoyment in the race itself, and not neccesarily the finish line.  I have taken my time, lavishing in the search for each and every article that goes into what I have dubbed "the french room".  I weigh carefully each piece I add or subtract, and there are many that I fancy but don't make the cut.  I have to not just fancy it, I have to LOVE it, this is not to be confused with the fact that I have to know where I am going to put it...many times I bring home a piece just knowing that it is right, and allowing myself the time to move it around in the space until it fits, click! just like a puzzle piece locking into another. 

In the hunt and progression of the rooms transformation, I am often teased that the room looks perhaps more like a brothel than a boudoir. I prefer to think of it as somewhere in the 1920's....most likely in old Paris....or perhaps....a palazzo in Venice....where ever it is, it is shrouded in mystery, the female who lives there is perhaps a model? or a dancer at the Moulin Rouge....the room is old, beautiful, lined with silk, furs and pearls....feather boa's, oil paintings and fringe....

The room continues to transform...and has gotten to a place that when I open the door I can feel like I have stepped back in time...it is not done..there is plenty to do... wood floors to replace the carpet would be nice, crown moulding and venetian plaster on the walls, a new lamp? reproductions to  be replaced with "real" antiques....... ..... but for now ..... it is a wonderful trip...as it evolves I would like to invite you to come with me.... let me share with you the bargains and ideas that influence the french room....... won't you follow along?

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