Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vieux Quebec City-A Taste of Europe

Are you yearning for a European vacation but don't want to fly across the ocean to France or Italy? Perhaps you should consider Quebec City in Canada.  Old Quebec, referred to as Vieux Quebec, is the oldest city in Quebec, established in 1608 by Samuel  de Champlain.  It is a fortified city surrounded by stone walls and is a UNESCO Heritage Site.  This charming town still has its old cobblestone streets and stone buildings.  Both French and English are spoken here with French being their native language.  The surrounding French atmosphere makes it easy for you to forget you are only an easy sixteen hours from
home (if you are near the Michigan/Indiana State Line). 

While you are there try the local French Canadian favorites, including Crepes, Croissants, and
Poutine...which is hot french fries, layered with cheese curds and dripping in rich, brown gravy. 
It may not look "pretty" but it is really delicious!

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